According to my research :if your percentile lies between

  1. 99.99–100 then expected rank under 100 AIR
  2. 99.5–99.99 then it would be under 5000 rank
  3. 99–99.5 then expected rank b/w 5000–8567
  4. 98–99 then tough competition it would be somewhat 8567–15786
  5. After this percentile it would be less chance to get core branch in good NITs {mnit jaipur,trichi,warangal,etc.}
  6. According to no. Of students nd qualifying students for jee advance…
  7. 89.5 or above would be cutoff for jee advance

Now , apart from this I’m sharing my experience to you ,I had got 99.5 percentile in January attempt by self study (Didn’t join any coaching )……..

world has ended for me many times, and began again in the morning.”This is my story.Till class 10th– Very good in academics. Did very well till class 10th.Classes 11th and 12th -Things took a very ugly turn. Financial crisis,humiliated by teachers for not being able to pay my fees,insulted by then friends and peers, inferiority complexes, and what not I went through.Deviated far away from studies. Basically, nothing that a serious JEE aspirant would be doing. I scored just 24 marks in 11th class mathematics out of 100. Was conditionally promoted to 12th. Just an example of how messed up I was then.Result? I wasted the most crucial years of school life. Then I took a drop made my self self motivated nd now I got 99.5 percentile self study ….

Hope this will help you…..

Always remember than when a egg is broken from outside life ends ….but when it get broken from inside life begins…..

Nothing ends everything has a new beginning…