Today I would tell you something which may change your vision about JEE preparation!

(I would answer your question but before that you should read the following because the answer depends upon some factors which you should know!🙂

There are following types of students preparing for JEE-

  1. 1.Extraordinarily exceptional minded students Lets divide them into the category of A
  2. An average student B3.
  3. Below than Average student C.
  4. Stylish and show off students D

Talking about A- There are some students who are very famous in the cities due to their exceptional performances in the coaching institutes and various stories of them they gave expected rank of single digit or two digit and anyhow in the worst case they secure the rank of under 200..

Students of type A solve books like IE IRODOV, RESNICK HALLIDAY , and other foriegn author book and everything as high as possible, they solve olympiads questions and so on!

Now the most Important part “B” for you! Yes you As “ group are busy in their studies and not available on quora to read this!”

Now comes B-

Some B’s are distracted and others are concentrated towards the studies!

Both B’s have same potential , same IQ!

BUT both of the B’s are interested to listen and find the amazing stories of A’s , that how many questions he does in one day! How many books he solves! What rank will he get! I too should solve resnick, IRODOV and stuff! And will grab under 50, and my photo will be published in the front of the news paper and stuff! This people form the group of 4–5 people in the coaching institute and study less and talk more! What happens? – they lose what they deserved!

Many of B’s start solving H.C. VERMA just to look Cool in front of the others! But they Start H.C. VERMA before solving anything else!

They sit and harldy even try 2–3 questions and finally He gives up and switches the subject or topic , Believe me! This attitude doesnt give the results!

Now another types of B’s- very serious , concentrated , FOLLOW TEACHERS not A’s)

Both B’s have same potential , the difference is only of concentration level and the way how he is less distracted!

This kind of students solve what his teachers say! First they solve coaching material, then they go to HCV or IRODOV whatever is more comfortable to them! But they first build their concept the. They go to any book!

Amd for that kind of students “HC VERMA IS MORE THAN SUFFICIENT” and if the paper is like JEE2018 then it may take you to score 90 percent!

Yes, just look at the paper and its solutions and then HC VERMA , then think it own your own!

See ! There are many exceptions in the world, one should not Think the questions like-

“ how many hours did Kalpit Veerwal sleep, how many marks did he score in his AITS”

Instead you may ask to your JEE teacher for how the way you should study as Your teacher knows about your potential more than us!

Yes, HC VERMA , is sufficient , and may give you your desired rank! But the most important thing is! You have to solve sincerely and be away from quora , facebook , whatsapp for an year!

Because these are the source of entertainment and distractions for B group Students

Be like B 2 group students if you think you dont belong to A group! you will surely reach to the place which has secured the life of thousands of people!